Name Description Contact Last modified    
boost145 modified boost used in the Firestorm viewer Tank_Master 2012-06-09
fs-build-variables Firestorm Build Variables Nicky D 2 months ago
phoenix-firestorm-exp Firestorm experimental staging repository Nicky D 2014-02-26
phoenix-firestorm-lgpl Firestorm development repository Nicky D 3 days ago
phoenix-firestorm-lgpl-premerge Firestorm backup repository Nicky D 2016-05-17
phoenix-firestorm-preais Firestorm pre AIS merge repository Nicky D 2015-01-09
phoenix-firestorm-prerelease Firestorm Pre-Release version. This is code still moving towards to be released. It shall not be considered stable. Nicky D 4 weeks ago
phoenix-firestorm-release Firestorm Released version. Please pull from here when using our code in other viewers. Nicky D 2 weeks ago
phoenix-firestorm-translations Firestorm translation repository PanteraPolnocy 2015-12-31
phoenix-sg Snowglobe 1.5 based client unknown 2012-11-04